Life in the Undergrowth:
Close up filming of Collembola (prog 1), Tardigrades, parasitoid aquatic Chalcid wasps..

The Natural World: Location shoot on Super16 in Iran, filming Hermit crabs and Mudskippers. Super16 UW filming of coral reef habitat at Sheedvar Island, Persian Gulf.
Incredible Journeys: Time Lapse of mosquito egg and larval development for Caribou programme.

Incredible Journeys: Location shoot in Japan for Eels programme. First ever Super16 footage of eels spawning, also time lapse of egg development and rare footage of preleptocephalus and leptocephalus larval stages. Produced by Nigel Marvin.

Potted Histories and The Secret Life of Plants: Scanning Electron Microscope footage of leaf stomata, recorded on Betacam SP, results as moving tracking shots across leaf surface. Shot at Jodrell lab, Kew Gardens.
Lifesense: 16mm cinemicrography of cytoplasmic streaming in fungal hyphae, and time lapse of mycelial growth.

Concerning Cancer - Compass Films : Time Lapse cell growth, 10 week time lapse of crown gall tumour growing in a tobacco plant after inoculation with Agrobacterium tumefasciens.
Well Being - Holmes Associates: programme about the health implications of living with dogs. 16mm cinemicrography of the parasitic Nematode Toxocara canis.
C4 Christmas titles: cinemicrography of crystal growth, originally shot on 35mm for OSF.
BBC Wildlife On One
Witness was a Fly: Location shoot in Chicago, included time lapse of 200lb pig being consumed by maggots over one week, creation of UW set of abandoned car covered in blackfly larvae, cinemicrography of wood thin sections and diatoms using motorised tracking microscope stage. Live action camera of flash flies and blow flies laying eggs on carrion, fly eggs hatching, time lapse of pupariation, predatory maggots.
Living Planet Productions
Esperanza the Mountain Tapir: One of 13 part 'Endangered' series, produced by Richard Brock about environmental damage in the Andes. Two month
location shoot, comprising of three expeditions into remote areas of Ecuador and Columbia. Main objective to film the nearly extinct Mountain Tapir, plus the associated research work. 16mm and Hi8.

Green Umbrella Ltd.
Living Europe series: Super16 tank shoot of the mating behaviour of American Signal Crayfish.
Living Europe series: Super16 footage of plankton, in particular copepods.
Wildlife On One: Riddle of the Sands. Microcinematography of estuarine mud samples, showing planarian worms feeding on diatoms.
Natural History Museum
Video installation: a two month exhibition funded by the Film and Video Umbrella and Supernova (main funding by AT&T). Floor projection of time lapse film of a decomposing cow, plus a 'live' ecosystem consisting of the nematode Coenorhabditis elegans, 3 chip camera supplied by JVC.
International Broadcast Convention, Amsterdam: JVC commissioned a short programme of crystal growth to show the performance of the KY-F55E microscope camera. Also hired my microscope equipment to show 'live' ecosystem as in the NHM exhibition.
Pinewood Studios
13 part series on the human body. Time lapse 16mm footage of nerve cell growth (mouse dorsal root ganglion cells) and mitosis.
In-house programme about Asthma: involved shooting 8 hours of Digital Betacam using the highest quality optics and 3 chip medical imaging
camera of mast cell degranualtion, neutrophil chemotaxis, human columnar epithelial cells showing normal cilial basal rhythm and dyskinesia, leucocyte rolling and adhesion.

Experimental: Glaxo funded experiment with Sony and Kodak using 16mm, 35mm and HDTV. Compared microscope footage on different formats, HD looked great!
Science Pictures Ltd.
MDCK (canine kidney epithelial cells) 3 day time lapse, showing formation of pavement epithelium.
Yorkshire TV
Scientific Eye: 16mm stop frame animation of fossils appearing out of rocks.
Oxford Scientific Films
Commercial: Cinemicrography of thin sections of wheatgerm.
Opal Ltd.
Crystals: music by Brian Eno. One of the first ambient videos. Low magnification
cinemicrography using polarised light showing the beauty crystal growth.

Stakker Eurotechno
Pot Noodle advert: Wacky video using mainly computer generated imagery, incorporating some of my microscope footage, often pirated for club use, clips were used in a pot noodle advert which had to be withdrawn after complaints about causing viewers to have epileptic fits! music by Humanoid, funded by Virgin Records.
Stakker production:'Westworld' funded by Warp. Music supplied by Aphex Twin. I supplied a range of scientific footage on Digital Betacam and Betacam Sp.

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