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FO1000 Ptychagnostus praecurrens Middle Cambrian, Burgess Shale. Alf Cawthorn collection.
FO1001 Asaphus (Neoasaphus) kowalewski, Volchov river, Russia. Pete Lawrance collection
FO1002 Conocoryphe sulzeri, Jince formation, Czechoslovakia. Pete Lawrance collection. Although eyes are normally an extremely important survival feature, there are situations under which loss of eyes might occur. For example, trilobites that took advantage of deep-water benthic (bottom-feeding) habitats where light was dim or lacking might have gradually lost their eyes without suffering an adaptive disadvantage. Such eyeless trilobite assemblages are called atheloptic.
FO1003 Piltonia (Piltonia) huehei G Hann Lower Carboniferous Tourniaisian (Ivorian) Antoin, Tournai. Pete Lawrance collection
FO1004 Dalmanitina sp and Dionide sp, Valongo formation, Portugal. Pete Lawrance collection .
FO1005 Ellipsocephalus hoffi (Schlotheim 1823) Middle Cambrian, Jince fornation. Hydrocephalus zone. Mount Koniceki.Jince.Czech Republic. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1006 Acanthalomina minuta (Barrande 1846) Silurian, Ludlovian, Kopanina formation, Kosov Quarry, near Beroun, Czech Republic.
FO1007 Acaparadoxides briaerus (Geyer) Middle Cambrian, Tourach, Morocco. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1008 Archegonus aprathensis (Richter & Richter 1937) Lower Carboniferous, Aprath Einschnitt, Germany.
FO1009 Asaphus homfrayi Morocco. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1010 Ogyginus intermedius death assemblage in Llanvirn series ash deposits. Ordovician, Gilvern, Powys. Largest trilobite about 12 cms.
FO1011 The Lower Ordovician trilobite Krattaspis sp: the earliest cyrtometopinid (Cheiruridae) from the Arenig of the East Baltic.
FO1012 Megistaspis triangularis Unusual Russian Lower Ordovician Trilobite, Wolchovian Horizon of the Wolchow River region near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The low profile suggests that it might have concealed itself just below the surface of the sea floor. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1013 Pseudoasaphus sp, Asery level, Middle Ordovician, Volchov river, Russia. Pete Lawrance collection
FO1014 Xenasaphus delphinus Lower Ordovician Volchov River Russia . Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1015 Eldredgia venustus, Devonian, Bolivia. Pete Lawrance collection
FO1016 Ventral surface of Acaste downingae a Silurian trilobite from the Wenlock limestone of Dudley, Staffordshire.
FO1017 Altiocculus harrisi Robinson Family Alokistocaridae
Middle Cambrian Wheeler Shale Millard County, Utah
FO1018 Redlichida chinensis. Lower Cambrian, Muchang formation, Hua Yuen Shales,China. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1019 Olenellus gibberti (Meek) Lower Cambrian, Pioche formation, Nevada. Pete Lawrance collection.
FO1020 Olenus austriacus
FO1021 Flexicalymene meeki. Pete Lawrance collection


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FO2000 Asteroceras obtusum with Promicroceras planicosta, from the Lower Lias of Lyme Regis, Dorset. Martin Rigby collection
FO2001 Dactylioceras commune from the Upper Lias of Kettleness, North Yorkshire. The superb preservation shows rare mother of pearl.
FO2002 Bite marks in Cretaceous ammonite from Kansas, probably caused by a Mososaur.
FO2003 Pyritised ammonite in situ in wavecut platform of Upper Lias, Sandsend near Whitby
FO2004 Suture lines on Tragophylloceras ibex, Lower Lias, Blockley
FO2005 Cretaceous Gault clay pyritised ammonites from Wrotham, Kent. From the top clockwise Hamites sp, Hoplites dentatus, Euhoplites sp. Hoplites dentatus with beautiful irridescence, Mortoniceras inflatum.
FO2006 Nautilus striatus, Lower Lias, Lyme Regis


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FO3000 Ophioderma egertoni, Jurassic brittlestars from the Middle Lias of Down Cliff, near Bridport, Dorset.Martin Rigby collection.
FO3001 Starfish 442 million years old Stenaster obtusus (Forbes) Ashgillian, Drummock group,Thraive Glen, Ayrshire, Scotland.
FO3002 Carboniferous crinoid calyx
FO3003 Devonian Crinoids from Morocco
FO3004 Marsupites testudinarius, Cretaceous free swimming crinoid Upper Chalk, West Clandon roadworks, Surrey
FO3005 Lapworthura miltoni (Salter) Silurian starfish, Ludlow series, Leintwardine, Herefordshire

A fragment of the famous Pentacrinus crinoid bed from the Lower Lias of Lyme Regis, the preservation in Calcite and Iron Pyrites is spectacular.


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FO4000 A nest of Dinosaur eggs Therizinosaur sp. A type of Hadrosaur from the Upper Cretaceous. Kaojuo formation, Senonian Maastrichtian, Xixia county, Henan Province, China.
FO4001 Dinosaur nest, Upper Cretaceous close to KT boundary, Henan province, China
FO4002 Deer skull preserved in calcareous cave deposits, thought to be about 8000 years old, in Gruta San Antonio, Portugal
FO4003 Skull of the giant amphibian Eryops from the Permo-Carboniferous Redbeds of North America.Length approximately 40cms.
FO4004 Devonian fish death assemblage, Holoptychius flemingii (Agassiz) Upper Old Red Sandstone, Dura Den, Fifeshire.
FO4005 Dapedium politum (Leach) Lower Lias, Lyme Regis, Dorset.Length about 20cms
FO4006 Skull of a mammal-like reptile or Therapsid Probelesodon lewisi from the Middle Triassic Chanares formation of Argentina.



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